Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Merrywell [Perth]

June 28: I have heard so much of the Merrywell at Crown Casino Perth, that I begged my best mate to go and try it out with me  Ok! The truth is, I just wanted an excuse ....any excuses to be exact, to have the opportunity to take photos of..... food of course

Miss Katie highly recommended the Wagyu Mini Beef Burger 3pc to shared, so we got that, along with the Spicy Shrimp Lettuce Cups 3pc and of course, the Merrywell Chips.

Friday night was packed but luckily we've got a table and the queue to order food wasn't too long either. Our food arrived promptly. The waitresses were nice and friendly; great casual atmosphere - very lively and definitely has a "pub" feel to it.
Spicy Shrimp Lettuce Cups 3pc [Tempura Battered, Sriracha Mayo, Mango Salsa] ツ
Wagyu Mini Beef Burgers 3pc [White Cheddar, BBQ Caramelised Onions, B&B Pickles] ツ
The Merrywell Chips [Crisp Ripped Potatoes, Bacon Aioli] ツ

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Country Road Cafe

June 27: A friend mentioned Country Road Cafe at work, so I dropped by to check it out. Country Road Cafe can be a bit hard to find, as its main entry is via Wolf Lane.

Food: a few vegetarian choices on the menu. Coffee: average, not the best, but thumbs up for the friendly staff and services.
Lunch time can be busy and food will take a while to come out. It is best to pre-order your food, an hour or so in advance if you are going in a big group.
Vegetarian Antipasto plate ツ

July 05: The girls and I usually get together for lunch on Fridays and today I booked at Country Road Cafe.

What took me by surprise was how they reserved the table booking! My name and booking time were written on the table itself! What a marvellous idea!

I called at 11am to pre-book our lunch order, so by the time we arrived, our food were ready for serving.

I don't usually have pasta or a lot of carbs for lunch. Carbs gives me Food Coma  and I definitely don't want any of that when I get back to the office afterward  but today I feel like pasta and that is what I had - CRC's Pasta of the Day and what a delight it was! The serving was huge and delicious too

The girls and I thoroughly enjoyed our meals. Thanks to the Chef for the wonderful meals and of course, excellent service from the waitstaff too.
Pasta of the Day $16.50 ツ

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Venn Bar+Cafe

June 25: A hidden jem on Queen Street! Great coffee, funky setting (very artsy!), friendly and attentive staff.... what more could you ask for?

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

U&I 24hr Cafe

I got hooked on U&I for the first couple of weeks of its opening. I literally visited the place 8 times in a short period of time a point of "facial recognition" by the owner and staff there 

What I like most about U&I are the friendly staff who actually making an effort to say "hello" to you, and also for their al fresco dining area, which is just perfect on one of those warm summer days.

March 31: I caught up with my sister on this date. Why here? Because I have been talking about this place for ages now and my sister wanted to check it out to see what's all the ravings about  I am sure my friends and family will be sick of me talking about it soon!

Both my sis and I weren't exactly hungry, so we ordered some light starters to share. For drinks, I ordered my usual Cà Phê Sửa Đá [Saigon's iced milk coffee], while my sister ordered Chè Fruitastic.
Gỏi Bò Tái Me [Medium rare beef salad with tamarind sauce] ツ
Cơm Cháy Chà Bông [Crispy rice cake with finely shredded pork floss and spring onion sauce] ツ
Chè Fruitastic ツ

May 11: I had an early hair appointment to do that day, so by the time Sabrina was done with my hair cut, I was literally starving. The thought of a nice hot bowl of Bánh Canh was just so tantalising, and I found me at the doorstep of U&I.....again
Cà Phê Phin [Vietnamese Coffee] & a bowl of Bánh Canh ツ
Below are just a few more of U&I's other dishes that I have "tried & tasted" (on many many visits after the above date) for you to enjoy.
 U&I Sambal Chilli Mussels ツ

Bò Lúc Lắc [Shaking Veal] ツ

Seafood Fried Rice ツ

Cua Lột Rang Muối [Salted Soft Shell Crab] ツ
Xíu Mại & Bánh Mì [Meat balls in xíu mại sauce served with baguette] ツ
Bò Kho & Bánh Mì [Vietnamese Beef Stew served with baguette] ツ

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Tiger Lil's

I have been hooked on Tiger Lil's, since going to lunch with the girls from work 2 weeks ago and I have been back 3 times in a row. Crazy isn't it?  But I am like that! If I am hooked on something, I will have it continuously until I am sick of it and then moving on to the next big thing

I especially Tiger Lil's new Asian inspired menu [new as in I haven't been back to dine at Tiger Lil's since forever. I have bad impression of it, the last time I was there. This dated back a few years ago though]

June 19: Katie has been having a bad case of a travelling bug - mind you, she's just came back from 2 weeks in America last month, but that wasn't enough apparently  so I got dragged to Interprid to grab some travel catalogues. I have the travelling bug too of course, but not as intense as Miss Katie

Anyway, after we gathered as much catalogues as we can hold, we headed to Tiger Lil's and have the most awesome burger I ever had in a long time [and if you know me, I don't usually eat a lot of carbs and very often eat like a cat..... grazing a bit of this and a bit of that, because I am just in the mood for food all the time!]
So anyway here it is.....
Tiger Lil's Wagyu Beef Burger, Chilli Jam, Salad and Fries ツ

June 20: I couldn't get over how nice the chips were from the previous day, so I literally dragged MM (Mere Male) to Tiger Lil' (again!) for a light snack after work  We shared some tasting plates because I was too greedy and wanted to try as much dishes as I can

We the service too, the waitress for our table was very friendly and attentive. She'd come around every now and then, checking to see if we were ok with our food and our drinks. Love it.
♥ the decor at Tiger Lil' ♥
 Steeped chicken salad with Vietnamese mint, crisp noodle, quail egg and black vinegar dressing ツ
Salt and vinegar lotus chips - a must try! ツ

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