Sunday, June 23, 2013

U&I 24hr Cafe

I got hooked on U&I for the first couple of weeks of its opening. I literally visited the place 8 times in a short period of time a point of "facial recognition" by the owner and staff there 

What I like most about U&I are the friendly staff who actually making an effort to say "hello" to you, and also for their al fresco dining area, which is just perfect on one of those warm summer days.

March 31: I caught up with my sister on this date. Why here? Because I have been talking about this place for ages now and my sister wanted to check it out to see what's all the ravings about  I am sure my friends and family will be sick of me talking about it soon!

Both my sis and I weren't exactly hungry, so we ordered some light starters to share. For drinks, I ordered my usual Cà Phê Sửa Đá [Saigon's iced milk coffee], while my sister ordered Chè Fruitastic.
Gỏi Bò Tái Me [Medium rare beef salad with tamarind sauce] ツ
Cơm Cháy Chà Bông [Crispy rice cake with finely shredded pork floss and spring onion sauce] ツ
Chè Fruitastic ツ

May 11: I had an early hair appointment to do that day, so by the time Sabrina was done with my hair cut, I was literally starving. The thought of a nice hot bowl of Bánh Canh was just so tantalising, and I found me at the doorstep of U&I.....again
Cà Phê Phin [Vietnamese Coffee] & a bowl of Bánh Canh ツ
Below are just a few more of U&I's other dishes that I have "tried & tasted" (on many many visits after the above date) for you to enjoy.
 U&I Sambal Chilli Mussels ツ

Bò Lúc Lắc [Shaking Veal] ツ

Seafood Fried Rice ツ

Cua Lột Rang Muối [Salted Soft Shell Crab] ツ
Xíu Mại & Bánh Mì [Meat balls in xíu mại sauce served with baguette] ツ
Bò Kho & Bánh Mì [Vietnamese Beef Stew served with baguette] ツ

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