Friday, July 5, 2013


Bobèche (according to wikipedia) is a cup or ring at the top of a candlestick, used to catch melted wax running down the side of the candle. I wonder if that is what Bobèche Bar do here? But instead of catching wax, they're catching customers?

July 03: I have heard so much about Bobèche Bar that I just have to go and see for myself and what a delight it was! It is as if I have stepped inside a time capsule and walk straight into the 1920s era  I absolutely the decor there. Drinks are a bit pricey, but hey it's Perth and everything in Perth are pricey  Not much choices in term of food, except for the daily specials of $16.00 with draft beer or house wine.

What I  most is the "free" popcorn concept, thumbs up for the idea. Great services from the bar staffs too. Love the experience – will come back again soon.
Free Popcorn ツ
Russian Spring Punch [Ketel One Vodka, cassis, lemon juice, sparkling wine] $18.50 ツ
Daily Special - Wednesday's Fried Chicken [with house wine] $16.00 ツ
Wednesday's Special - Fried Chicken ツ

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