Monday, July 29, 2013

Little Làng Nướng

Like Trà Vinh, I have been here so many times that I have also lost count! I usually frequented this place on the weekend, as I am working in the CBD, the only time/day I am free to visit is at the end of the week.

I like the service here, the owner is very friendly, sometime too chatty for me but it's a good vibe nevertheless.

This place reminded me of Hải Âu Làng Nướng in Canley Vale NSW, that a friend of mine has taken me there when I visited her last. Like HALN, the food here is amazing and unique too. How often do you go out to eat and get to DIY your own meal, unless of course it's Korean BBQ like Arirang or Tong 86, where you'd get to BBQ your own food at your table.

As this place specialising in BBQ/Grill dishes, it's best to order anything on the menu that is BBQ or Grill, because it is their specialty of course and you can easily order a dish for as little as $10.00 - bargain!

I have took a few friends here and they've all liked it. Some have since returned with their friends and friends of friends'. Most of the dishes on the Làng Nướng menu are good for 'sharing' with friends, especially the DIY dishes Smiley

One of my favourite dishes here is the Nem Lụi Huế Cuốn Bánh Tráng [marinated pork grill Huế style served with seasonal vegetables and rice paper - DIY]. Serving may look small but it is very filling, I struggled to finish the last Nem Lụi stick each and every time!!!
Nem Lụi Huế Cuốn Bánh Tráng $15 

Other dishes I like are...
Bún Thịt Nướng [marinated grilled pork served with vermicelli and fresh seasonal herbs] $10 ツ
Bánh Xèo $12 ツ

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