Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Aisuru Sushi

I have been to Aisuru Sushi so many times that I have lost counts! The very first time probably dated back to March 2012. Yes, it has been that long ago, but back then I haven't got into food blogging as yet. These days, I can't seem to blogs fast enough!!!

SmileyAisuru Sushi has always been one of my favourite places to visit, because of its casual and down to earth atmosphere as well as their super friendly service.
I have also taken a few friends here on various occasions and they're all it each time.

SmileyThough as much as I love Aisuru Sushi, it is not exactly a cheap place if you dine here frequently ...although I am a strong believer that 'you get what you paid for' and in saying so, I wouldn't mind paying a bit more for quality food and better customer service, than to whinge and whine about it later.

Below are just a few of my favourite Aisuru Sushi's dishes (on various visits) for you to enjoy.
Edamame [Young Soybeans] ツ
Edamame ツ
Sweet Corn Tempura ツ
Spider Roll (small) ツ
Plum Flower Roll (large) ツ
Plum Flower Roll (large) ツ
Black Velvet Roll (small) ツ
Tempura Prawn, seared tuna, cucumber, crab stick, and spring onion, wrapped in nori and shari. Topped with avocado and black caviar. Drizzled with chilli mayonnaise
Tank Roll (large) ツ
Topped with sliced wagyu bêf, sliced red onions, and sprinkled with togarashi flakes. Cream chêse and cucumber inside and wrapped in nori seaweed and shari sushi sauce. Drizzled with Japanese mayonnaise and eel sauce.
Tank Roll (large) ツ
Soft Shelled Crabs Salad ツ
Banana Maki ツ

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