Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Koko Black

•´¯`•» wιnтer evenιngѕ oғ cнocolaтe -deѕѕerт degυѕтaтιon- «•´¯`•

I can't believe it has been 2 months, since I impulsively said yes to going to this event with Miss Katie and Aunty Lesley (Miss Katie's mum). I mean $80.00 just to eat chocolate is rather expensive and a bit on the "luxury" side I must say!

All 3 of us arrived at Claremont Quarter at about 6:30pm and decided to grab a regular chip to share at Grill'd. We were anxious... too anxious for what's to come in an hour time. I have had quite a few degustations before, but never a "dessert" degustation, so this event was just as excited for me as it does for Miss Katie and her mum.

Upon arrival, we were seated at a very comfortable corner sofa towards the back of the room. Once settling in, we started to skim through the menu's description to see what we will be devouring throughout the night.

SmileyOur first drink for the night was a Champagne Truffle (White Creme de Cacao and Marc de Champagne Granita, spritzed with sparkling white wine, dark chocolate swizzle stick) and it was so delicious, I scoffed it all down in a less than 5 minutes!!! ツ

After our first course, Shane Hills - Koko Black's founder and Executive Chocolatier Grant Inches gave us introduction speeches and what to expect in each of the dishes to come.

Our second dish for the night - Yuzu Truffle (Chocolate choux pastry, yuzu gel, chocolate creme, citron fizz) ツ .....I was literally in heaven!!!

Third dish - Liquid Salted Caramel Truffle (Caramel mousse, salted caramel centre, chocolate soil)

By the time the third dish came out, I was stuffed and could not fit another bite in! Reluctantly I asked for a takeaway box - there is no shame in asking for a takeway container I must say! Why? Because I simply did not wanted to waste the $80 I paid for, by not able to take what I can't eat home!!! Sad to admit, but I am a true piglet when it come to food *sad*

Fourth dish - Gianduja Truffle (Warm chocolate fondant baked with a runny hazelnut gianduja centre) ツ

Fifth dish - White Chocolate Truffle (Caramelised pear and white chocolate panna cotta, pear crisps, chocolate madeleine, truffle honey gel) ツ

I chose Peppermint Tea as the beverage to finish off the night's degustation ツ
Koko Black at Claremont Quarter
The verdict: I love "LOVE" Koko Black It is AMAZING! The cafe is so cute and welcoming, the food and drinks are delicious and the staffs are so friendly and helpful!!! I will definitely be coming back here again, even if it takes me an hour to get there!!!

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  1. Looks really good! I have to admit when I went out to Koko Black I wasn't a big fan, but by the sounds of it, it was probably an off night!

    1. Thanks Kristy ツ The chocolates at Koko Black are amazing but I don't think I can have it more than once a week though, it can be quite rich when you have too much of it all in one go.

      Maybe it was just an "off" night for you then, perhaps giving it another go and see how it turns out....?

  2. WOW! This looks all so amazing! No wonder you were so excited about it on Twitter!

    1. Thanks Martine ツ the Dessert Degustation at Koko Black was awesome! I don't think I can touch anymore chocolates for the time being ツ


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