Thursday, August 15, 2013

Pimlott & Strand

Having read so many great reviews about Pimlott & Strand, Miss Katie and I decided to catch up for breakfast there one weekend.

We arrived just after 9am on a Saturday morning, a few weeks ago and we're immediately fixate our eyes on the menu - there were so many choices to choose from and by the descriptions of each item on the menu, we're just wanted to try them all!

SmileyAfter spending 5-10 minutes or so ogling over the menu, we went up to place our orders. I decided to go for the Classico - two free range eggs, sautéed mushrooms, seared tomato, free range bacon, chorizo, Tuscan beans and toast. When asked if I could have 1 egg instead of 2, the cashier lady asked if I would like more of something else instead. This took me by surprised - Wow! Most places would be happy to give you less, but this place wants to give you more!!!

So while we waited for our breakfast, Miss Katie and I took turn to look around the shop, there were so many interesting things to look at ....from a nice selection of breads, cold meats, cheeses, and oil antipasti to a big selection of imported goodies on the back shelves.
a busy Saturday morning at Pimlott & Strand ツ
Cheese tasting anyone? ツ
Hmmm.... look what we have here.... ツ

Another 5-10 minutes and our food arrived...
Miss Katie's breakfast ツ
My breakfast - the Classico
1 free range egg, sautéed mushrooms, seared tomato, free range bacon, chorizo, Tuscan beans and toast $19.50
My cuppa ツ
My sad attempt of trying to finishing off the plate ツ

The verdict: Pimlott & Strand's food are amazing and also value for money as well. Food is slightly on the pricey scale but again 'you get what you paid for' and I have no doubt that I will be coming back here again, to try out the other dishes on the menu. Pimlott & Strand has a great vibe and atmosphere, lovely and friendly staff. What more would you ask for?
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