Monday, August 12, 2013

The Laneway Lounge

My sis and I dropped by the Laneway Lounge last Friday evening for an after work drinks and some tapas. This is the second time that we visited this place and even though we didn't have a booking, they didn't turn us away and even found us good seating near the bar and we didn't even have to wait at all.

If you are after a nice and hip 'hang out' place with a variety of yummy-licious small bites to big bites and live music, then the Laneway Lounge is the place to be. I absolutely love the ambience and vibe! Lights were a bit too dim photography though but service was fast & efficient too. We could flag a waitperson down almost immediately.

My sis and I chose some dishes (Green Sicilian olives, roast almonds & lavender $9; Arancini w/ truffle & parmesan dip $12; Prawn 'popcorn' w/ chilli mayo $15) from the Love Bites section of the food menu and they were simply divine!

{ I must apologise first for the not-so-great quality of my photos this time, it is due to the very 'VERY' dim lighting inside the lounge bar. Even with my prime lens of F1.8 and it still wasn't enough to captured the real thing, so please don't judge this place negatively based on my bad quality of photos! }
Arancini w/ truffle & parmesan dip $12
Green Sicilian olives, roast almonds & lavender $9
Are you brave enough to take a sip of this wicked drink? ツ
vodka + fresh pressed strawberry’s + fresh citrus + champagne emulsion = served straight up
with a candied strawberry

SmileyOverall, my sis and I had a fabulous time and cannot wait to come back and trying out the other things on the menu, drinks included!  

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