Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Old Crow

Inspired by WenY at WenY Wonders Why's "delicious" food photography and the dining experience of Kristy at Queen of Bad Timing, I was dying to visit The Old Crow for ages!!

...and eventually I did, one Friday evening after work. I had to book a week in advance just to get the time slot that I wanted (6:30pm) and it was well worth the wait!

We started off with some complimentary bread and butter; follow by the Duck Liver Parfait along with the Pickled Sardines and Bunker Mushrooms dishes to share.

Complimentary bread and butter ツ

Duck Liver Parfait ツ

Pickled Sardines ツ
Bunker Mushrooms ツ

As the sign said "Take a pitcher... It'll last longer" and so we did literally that! MM (Mere Male) and I shared a pitcher of Pimm's for only $32.00 (you get about 4 glasses of drink out of it). What a bargain and it was so yummy and refreshing too! I it!
Pimm's Pitcher ツ *YUM!*
To sum up my experience - all those plates to share plus the pitcher of Pimms only came to $78.50 (work out to be an average of $39.25 per person); that is an awesome price (and value for money) for a (light) dinner for two in Perth CBD, not to mentioned the fantastic service they were given us too.

I am looking forward to return to this place and trying out their lunch menu, as I am keen to know how their lunch menu differ from their dinner menu.

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  1. I love this place :) and those bunker mushrooms look phenomenal!! I think a revisit sometime soon is in order!

    1. Please do Kristy and let me know how differ is their lunch menu to their dinner menu ツ

    2. I will! I've been for lunch not long after I had dinner there.. but I had the parfait again haha. Such an addict :)

    3. Oh I would too (the parfait that is!) ツ


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