Sunday, September 1, 2013

No 4 Blake Street

Having read so many good reviews about No 4 Blake Street, I decided to drag MM (Mere Male) with me to brunch/lunch and see for myself what's all the fuss (of this place) is about and I am glad we did.

I have been driven up and down Fitzgerald Street thousands of times but have been quite oblivious to this little gem on Blake Street - not that I ever had any errands or things to do in this area so to speak.

I was pleasantly surprised when arriving at the restaurant (we parked right across the road from No 4 Blake Street); the restaurant was free standing on its own with nothing much next to it.

Upon announcing of our arrival (I called to reserve table booking a day in advance), we were given a nice table next to the window with enough natural lighting for me to take photos of the place and the food later on.

Looking at the menu, MM know exactly what he wanted. The Lamb Burger and I for once went for the House Linguini. I'm normally not a pasta person, especially for lunch because pastas give me "FOOD COMA!"

Service here was prompt, as well as friendly. I didn't even need to look at my watch to check for timing.

 While waiting for our meals, I took a closer look at what's on the center table Smiley

 Our meals arrived soon after.... 
His - Lamb Burger: lamb and oats pattie, goats curd, eggplant, hummus $18 ツ 
Mine - House Linguini, slow roasted cherry tomatoes, garlic, basil with Chorizo $21 ツ YUM!

I am normally a slow eater but this linguini tasted so good ツ I actually finished my meal before his!!!
perfect cuppa to finish off a wonderful meal ツ
Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to No. 4 Blake Street yesterday and I'm glad that we have come to check it out, for it was worth it. I the decor, the ambience and the service was excellent. I will come back again for sure.

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  1. Ohhh I really do love this place :) so glad you enjoyed it!

    1. I did very much after having read your blog post as well as the others', but I had to wait until MM gets home from work (he travels a lot).


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