Thursday, September 12, 2013

Plenty Thai Restaurant

Plenty Thai on Shafto Lane is fast becoming my favourite lunch destination for its delicious food, great location (about 5 minutes walk from my workplace!) and best of all, value for money... not to mention, excellent customer service as well!

Miss Katie and I have been here numerous times - sometimes 2-3 times a week with other friends! What we  most is the Thai skewer grilled pork with sticky rice (3 sticks for $8.50) - definately a must try!

On this occasion however, I caught up for lunch with Priscilla of PinkPaperPlane. We first caught up for lunch at Dragon Palace (Woodside Plaza), after having met at Billy Law's ATFT Food Photography Workshops. You can read about her blog post on Dragon Palace here.

What I love about catching up to lunch with Priscilla, is that we are both not fussy eaters and we both love seafood, so it was much easier for us to order whatever we wanted to eat.

On this particular occasion, we ordered the following to share:
a dish of Khao neow moo ping - Thai skewer grilled pork with sticky rice with home-made chilli sauce "Nam Jim Jeaw" (3 sticks for $8.50)
a Classic som tum - Thai green papaya salad with prawns $14.50
and a Massaman curry (choice of chicken/pork or beef/prawn) $15.90/$18.50

I'm usually not a curry fan, but I have to admit that the Massaman curry was tastier than I'd expected!

Other times (on various visits) when I came here on my own, I also tried the...
Vegetarian Pad Thai with Tofu
Thod mon pla - Thai style fish cakes with sweet chilli sauce (3 pieces) $6.00
Tom yum - Thai famous spicy soup with mushroom and lime leaves
Plenty bite platter for one with fish cake spring roll, deep fried tofu, grilled pork or chicken satay $8.00

Above are just a few of my favourites. Check out Plenty Thai on Shafto Lane if you haven't already done so - it is well worth the visit

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  1. Looks good! I had thai on monday! And I am going thai tomorrow haha. But it will be at S&T! I recently bought a voucher for thai food on groupon too hehehe!

    I love thai food hahaahha!

    Great pics btw :)!! Really freakin sharp with a good bokeh haha!

    1. Thanks for the compliment WenY! Your photos are amazing too!

      Yeah I ♥ Thai food the most, something about those amazing fresh herbs and the different ingredients combined making the flavours subtle and bold at the same time – it is that what’s making me hook on them more and more ^.^

  2. You ate up a storm - how delicious! :) Now I feel like Thai food...

    1. If you are near Shafto Lane around lunchtime or dinner, do drop in to check it out Kristy ^.^ my other favourite Thai Restaurant is Saowanee's Place in North Perth – they made an amazing Red Curry dish!!!

    2. Hehe I think for QOBT, her nearest best restaurant for affordable and good thai food is S&T on william st :P! She works next to my building hahhahahaha

    3. Lucky you LOL! I take it you guys work in Northbridge? Let's catch up one day for lunch/dinner shall we? Priscilla and Jojo are keen too.

  3. Yumm!! My mouth is watering looking at the photos!! I want to have Tom Yum!! We should all try to get together sometime hey? Long Friday lunch?

    1. Great idea! Let's get together all of us for lunch or dinner ^.^ I'll invite Jojo of My Wey of Life too!!!


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