Saturday, September 21, 2013

Silver Seas Chinese Restaurant

Having read so many great reviews about Silver Seas Chinese Restaurant on Urbanspoon, including one from Queen of Bad Timing, one of my favourite food bloggers ツ I was determining to give this place a go, as it is close to where I usually do my weekend grocery shopping.

MM and I arrived close to midday today and we were seated right away, even though the restaurant was quite busy already.

As soon as we settled in my seat, a waitperson came around and ask me "what tea I would like to have" and I like that. It showed initiative that they don't just assume "any" Chinese tea will do for the diners.

For something different, I chose Chrysanthemum tea instead of my usual Tik Kuan Yin tea. (Chrysanthemum tea has many herbal and medicinal benefits in Chinese Medicine such as a good source of Vitamin Bs like choline, folacin, niacin as well as riboflavin. It is also naturally caffeine free).
Chrysanthemum tea, when taken with lunch or dinner especially with oily foods helps ease digestion.

We started off with our usual favourites of....
Fung Zao (fried steamed chicken feet) ツ YUM!
Har Gau (steamed shrimp dumplings) ツ
 Siu Mai (open-toped steamed pork) ツ
This is the Asian way of asking for a hot water refill for your tea pot ツ
Xiao Long Bao (Shanghai dumplings) ツ
Cheong Fan (rice flour rolls) with prawns ツ
Steamed Kai Lan with oyster sauce ツ
Steamed Egg Yolk Buns ツ

We must have been terribly hungry, because the two of us gobbled all of the above down in less than an hour!!!

The food was surprisingly delicious and most of the food was in large portion sizes like many diners before me have said.

The only thing I was a bit disappointed with was the Steamed Egg Yolk Buns; the yolk bit wasn't as runny as it was suppose to be but rather gelatiney and a bit bland too. I asked MM to hold a piece of the Egg Yolk Bun so I can show you what I meant by not "runny"...

The service was great too; overall we were very happy with the service we received. It was quick, efficient and very attentive to diners' needs.

All up for the two of us, including tea was just $41.80 - WOW! We normally pay around $60 for 2 at Dragon Palace!!!

Silver Seas Chinese Restaurant on Urbanspoon


  1. Hehe my friends who live in Morley always diss the food there! But from what I can see, the food here looks pretty decent actually! Save the trouble of travelling and queueing for a meal in Northbridge during the weekends! :)

    1. For sure about saving the time (to travel to) and queuing up!!! Apart from the Steamed Egg Yolk Buns not being runny, everything else was great and it's much closer to go to from my house too. Definitely worth a visit ...or two WenY ツ

  2. I didn't get to try the egg yolk bun which is normally a favourite of mine! Yay for cheap yummy food though :)


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