Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Trustee Bar and Bistro

I haven't been back to The Trustee Bar & Bistro for ages. The last time we were there was for my birthday back in 2012! Oh gosh! That does sounds like a long time doesn't it?

I took an A/L (Annual Leave) that day to celebrate my birthday and I spent it doing the things I most - EATING!!!

MM (Mere Male) also took a day off to chauffer me around and so we started off the day with having brunch at The Trustee Bar & Bistro. I have been here twice before. When we first discovered The Trustee Bar & Bistro, I love it so much; I came here with friends three times in a row! That's how crazy I was!

First thing first, we started off with drinks...
Love the cover of this drinks menu ツ
Since it was my birthday, I got to choose this $27 (a glass) champagne from 2000
with my glass being the first pour!!! 

His & mine ツ

The lunch menu ツ
While waiting for our meals to arrived, I took a look around. We were seated downstairs and it felt so rustic and has that 'anywhere but here' feels to it.

Our meals arrived...

His - 'special of the day' ツ

Mine - Baramundi, cauliflower puree, witlof, fennel ツ
Banana Soufflé, sticky date ice cream ツ DELISH!
We finished the meals with a Banana Soufflé to share and it was so light, fluffy and absolutely delicious too!

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  1. Hehe i've been there once so far and had a very good meal! Raring to go back them soon!

    1. With so many new bars and restaurants opening up in Perth, I was kind of... forgotten about this place :-P But as I was sorting through some old photos, I found these and thought it might be nice to blog about it. Let me know on your next visit, if The Trustee Bar & Bistro still the same as it was or not ツ

  2. That souffle! Wow! I haven't been here yet, it's on my growing to try list for one day :)

    1. Do go and see Kristy ツ I am sure you will like it. If you can make a request to sit upstairs, it will be so much better in term of views!

  3. Phoaw! That is an impressive souffle! Great height!

    1. I am normally not a soufflé fan, but that soufflé was just divine! I can still remember it clearly in my mind right now!!! ツ


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