Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Tuck Shop Cafe

I was contemplating, on where to go and have breakfast on Saturday morning after I drop Casper off for his grooming. I have already casted my vote on Friday afternoon (after work), so I have plenty of time to spend for myself while waiting for Casper to be groomed.

I was reading back and forth reviews about Studio Bomba and Sayers Sisters all throughout the week, but when I saw ChompChomp's review on The Tuck Shop toward the end of the week - I decided there and then...

I arrived at about 9:30am and couldn't believe there's a queue already! Being a solo diner, I wasn't fussed about sitting inside or outside, so after 5-10 minutes wait I got a seat sitting outside on those lovely artificial grass chairs that I thought was so cute!

Service was prompt. Within minutes, someone already came out to take order for drink and also helping me choose my breakfast (there were too many choices and if I could, I would have them all!)

My first coffee arrived soon after and it was so tasty, I finished it way before my breakfast arrives!
For breakfast I chose the Sautéed mushrooms with feta and spinach on multigrain sourdough $17.50 ツ
with a side dish of chorizo ツ

My second coffee arrive...

This was my half ass attempt to finish my breakfast - how I wish MM was there to finish them off for me!!!

Overall I have had an enjoyable experience. Food was great. Service was prompt and staffs that were very attentive to diners' needs.

SmileyI can't wait until MM come back from his business trip, so we can come back here and trying out other dishes that were highly recommended by other diners and bloggers, such as The Tuck Shop's hand cut chips and Pork Belly with chorizo potatoes just to name a few..

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  1. This place is a regular for me since it's around the corner from my work! You need to try their pies (you can get them takeaway) - buttery pastry heaven :)

    1. Lucky you! I work towards the West End of Murray Street, so no way I can have enough time for lunch here :'(

      My other half is coming home tonight however and I am already planning to drag him here for breakfast or lunch or both as soon as I can ^.^ Thanks for the recommendation Kristy, I will keep that in mind ^.^


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