Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Uncle Joe's Mess Hall

I have seen Uncle Joe's signage many times, while walking through King Street from Wellington Street Bus Station to and fro work every day and each time I reminded myself to drop by one day and checking it out, but I never got around to ...until one day last week, I decided to brave it and walk in - I am so glad I did!
The first coffee I tried was the Single Origin Skinny Flat White (above) and I love it!
I came back 2 days later, dragging MM with me and got him to try his usual Soy Long Mac ...with the Single Origin blend and he love it too!

Despite the horrid weather on Saturday, MM and I brave it and came into the city to do some shopping, but first thing first was breakfast and guess where we went to... Uncle Joe's of course and they do an all day breakfast too!!!
 Entrance from inside looking out to King Street - those cobble stones lookalike can be quite a pain to walk on, so be sure not to wear any high heels or stilettos if you are going to pay this place a visit  ツ
Doorway into the Mess Hall  ツ
Yummy counter treats  ツ
Barista busy with the morning orders  ツ
Interesting coffee funnels  ツ
Beautiful table decor despite the gloomy weather outside ツ
Mine - Skinny Flat White with Single Origin blend ツ
His - French Press with Soy Milk on the side ツ
His - Salmon on dark rye, poached egg with pickled cucumber & joe's special sauce ツ
 Mine - Vegetarian mushroom ragout with spinach (instead of poached egg) on house made hash brown ツ
Assorted condiments for your meals ツ

Despite the weather, MM & I thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Uncle Joe's. Food and Coffees were delish. Service was prompt, very friendly and down-to-earth staff.

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  1. Oooh looks good! I think I should give this place a go :)

    1. Give it a go at least once Kristy; just make sure you don't wear high heels to it cos the cobble stones lookalike can be quite a pain to walk on ツ

  2. Woah that hash brown looks pretty damn good. Have to check this place out!

    1. Please do Martine ツ they made some amazing raw juices and food as well!


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