Monday, September 16, 2013

Zensaki Sushi & Izakaya

Couldn't decide on what to have for lunch... I took a stroll to Barrack Street to check out what's good to eat around there.

I walked past Zensaki and seeing that it was quite inviting, I decided to stop here and checking it out.

I am not a huge fan of ramen and I wasn't super hungry at the time; hence I decided to try out some appetisers instead.

While waiting for my food to come out, I had some green tea...
and to my delight, Zensaki serves real sencha tea not just tea bags like some other places!
One of my appetisers - Soft Shell Crab Katsu ツ
and Pork Gyoza *YUM!* ツ

Beside dishes you can ordered from the menu, some diners come in for the sushi train and the choices are endless!

Zensaki overall:  Great service. Average food....

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  1. I should never read food blogs when I'm hungry! Everything looks delicious haha

    1. Looks can be deceiving LOL! If you’re in Northbridge, go and eat at Aisuru Sushi – that’s one of my favourite places ever!!!

  2. Hehe they have changed to a sushi train now.

    Sadly, nothing replaces the joy of the $7 fried chicken that Samurai used to serve. I loved Samurai as a uni kid. Even now, there is still some nostalgia when I think about it @@!

    1. OMG! I miss Mr Samurai so much! I used to dine at Mr Samurai every Friday night after work – Japanese Curry and Rice Balls were my favourites there!!!


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