Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Good Fortune Roast Duck House

Good Fortune Roast Duck House has always been our favourites. MM and I often came here for our Roast Duck fix and we have been doing so, on and off for the last 10+ years. Some loyal customers we are indeed!!!

Roast Duck House, like many typical Hong Kong style hawker places, are considered to be an Asian equivalent to MacDonald's "fast food" for Westerner. It is simply a "no fuss" eating house. Don't expect 5 stars services here. Just go in, wait for a seat, order, eat and then go. Simple as that - so don't stress, otherwise it will ruin your day. 

Below are just a few of our usual favourite dishes at Good Fortune - we're creature of habits and tend to order the same dishes each time we'd come for our roast duck fix
Good Fortune menu ツ
Boneless Roast Duck ツ
Salted Fish Fried Rice ツ
Salt & Pepper Tofu ツ
Sambal Kangkung (seasonal only) ツ

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  1. Ooh controversial I'm a Hong Kong BBQ frequenter - the competition! That kangkung looks delicious I'm craving it now :)

    1. I actually haven't been to Hong Kong BBQ before I don't think o.O but it's kangkong season again and I want some!!!

  2. Haha i love both but Good Fortune is normally reserved take aways! I love HK BBQ too haha.

    WIll actually take away duck tonight for dinner :)!


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