Friday, November 29, 2013

The Gaya Applecross

Like many other bloggers I was invited by Leo, the proud new Owner/Manager and Head Chef of the newly opened The Gaya in Applecross.

Having just came back from a few foodie tours in Singapore and Hong Kong, my expectation of food in general was quite high.

For the location of the restaurant and the style of food, I had expected the interior of The Gaya Restaurant to be more uplifting, rather than the casual atmosphere that I walked into.
The Gaya interior

Having already loved Aisuru Sushi’s modern fusion combination of Japanese, I came to The Gaya with open arms, heart ...and an appetite ready to conquer anything coming my way (except for the food coma, which I expected to come later on though) Smiley

We started off with the complimentary rice cake, which I thought was amazing, smeared with the accompanied mayonnaise on the side!!!

For Entree I chose to have the Fish Jijimi which tasted a bit chewy (as expected with the glutinous flour batter) but the fish itself was slightly flaky and fresh. As interesting as the taste and texture was, the Jijimi still lacked that ....oooomph! Perhaps it's those spicy elements I’ve come to expect from the traditional Korean dishes.
Fish Jijimi (Fish, glutinous rice flour, egg) $12 GF

MM chose the Salmon for his Entree and he commented on how well the seasonings came together in the salmon texture. The Salmon Gravlax was marinated in gin, salt, sugar, plum and dill and served with wakame and tobiko mayo Smiley
Salmon (salmon, dill, caper, onion, tobiko) $14 GF

For the Mains, I chose to have the Seafood Stew while MM chose to have the Tteokgalbi.

I liked how my Seafood Stew came out with the Bonito Flakes flapping back and forth as if it's still alive!!! The Seafood Stew was nice and the soup broth was just right... though a bit more zing (chilli) to it would have been perfect!
Mine - Seafood Stew (prawn, scallop, squid, fish, capsicum, zucchini, sticky rice) $28 GF
Side dish for our Mains - pickle cabbages, oyster mushroom, shredded potatoes
His - Tteokgalbi (beef spare rib, potato, rice cake, pine nut, egg, oyster mushroom) $30 GF
At one stage MM mentioned that his beef tasted like pork, but overall the dish was great apart from the rice cakes which he was not too keen on.

By the time we'd finished our mains, we were slightly on par with being very very full... but we couldn't just leave without trying the famous Red Misu that the other bloggers had been raving about and so we ordered one to share.

I am so glad we did! The Red Misu was just right with the level of sweetness and the red beans were definitely a pleasant surprise!
I red beans sweet in general and to combine it in this modern twist of Tiramisu was just perfect... well almost, that is if they would care to doze it with a bit more of the coffee liqueur... actually lots more would be ideal!!!

The Gaya is BYOB ($3 corkage) and I am glad we had brought this little gem, I bought back from Hong Kong with us, because it complimented all the dishes we had above so well!!!

Summary: The Gaya was a great night out for MM and I and while dinner was complimentary (courtesy thanks to The Gaya, Leo and his wonderful team), all opinions expressed in this post are purely mine and mine alone.
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  1. Seems like Leo has putten more finesse to the seafood stew! It looked really meh when I was there before. More importantly, glad u enjoyed the red-misu. For some reason I enjoyed it heaps!

    1. To be honest, I actually read your and Kristy's Blogs for recommendations before I went and your photo (as well as the description) of the Red Misu really caught my eyes ^.^ I have a soft spot for dessert, Tiramisu especially!!!

  2. :) I'm glad you loved it here! I did the same before I went, I read all the blog posts for recommendations haha

    1. Right on and I would be lying if I say I don't read other people’s reviews beforehand ^.^


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