Sunday, January 26, 2014

Perth's Hottest 100 Food Blogs 2014

What a day to celebrate Australia's Day!!! My humble little blog is ranked at #39 on the "Perth's Hottest 100 Food Blogs 2014" compiled by the gorgeous Martine @chompchompcomau - Thanks hun for pulling that list together. It was definitely a pleasant surprise!!! 

Congratulations to all the other ranked Food Bloggers - Well done!!!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Northbridge Coffee Roasters

I recently participated in an Instagram giveaway with The Northbridge Coffee Roasters by reposting one of their photos, on my Instagram profile a few days ago.

The news arrived on Thursday morning, when I got the message from The Roasters, to say that I was one of five lucky winners!!! I was over the moon! The joy of winning something - I it - don't you?!

I was even more surprised when the prize pack arrived on the SAME day!!! Talk about speed delivery and customer service!!!

Today is the start of the Australia's Day long weekend. Yay for long weekend! I got to sleep in and when I decided to crawl out of bed...  guess what was the first thing I did?!

I opened up the prize pack I won the other day and started to prepare my first cuppa of course! I the smell of coffee, especially after it has been through the grinder; the aroma of freshly grinded coffee beans can be quite intoxicating! 

And here it is... my first cuppa of the day  and as Charles Maurice de Talleyrand once said... "BLACK as the devil, HOT as hell, PURE as an angel, SWEET as love" it was exactly what I've tasted!
Coffee beans courtesy of @theroaster1936; Cup and saucer courtesy of @acmeandco

Sunday entry...
And.... to top it all off, I also got named "Artist of the Day" courtesy thanks to @Stillography for featuring my photo (above) on their page last night! I feel so honoured!!!

This have been a great weekend for me so far! Hope your weekend is just as good as mine!!

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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Asian Cuisine

After much anticipation I finally get to visit Asian Cuisine in Willetton to satisfy the "Malaysian in me" aka my cravings for Asam Laksa Smiley

Most people know the common Curry Laksa, which is a coconut-based curry soup. The main ingredients for most versions of curry laksa include bean curd puffs, fish sticks, shrimp and cockles.

Asam laksa however is very different to Curry Laksa. Asam laksa is a sour, fish-based soup. Asam (or asam jawa) is the Malay word for tamarind, which is commonly used to give the stock its sour flavour.

The main ingredients for Asam Laksa include shredded fish, normally kembung fish or mackerel and finely sliced vegetables including cucumber, onions, red chillies, pineapple, lettuce, common mint, Vietnamese mint or laksa mint and pink bunga kantan (torch ginger).

The last time I had a really nice Asam Laksa was when I was in Singapore in late October and since I came back from my holiday, all I wanted was to have a nice bowl of Asam Laksa again and thanks to Jun (@yyjun84)'s recommendation, I finally did!!!
The Asam Laksa at Asian Cuisine was spot on - hot, spicy, sour, pungent and though not as flavoursome as the one I tasted in Singapore, it is still one of the best I ever tasted in Perth and that is good enough for me!!!
Chendol is a very popular dessert in Asia (Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia) and it has always been one of my favourite desserts for as long as I can remember.

Chendol is made from coconut milk, thin green pandan flavored noodles and palm sugar. Red beans, rice and grass jelly are added on top as additional toppings.
MM's Hainanese Chicken Rice is a much-loved Chinese classic. This Singaporean/Malaysian dish is an interpretation of chicken rice, using pandan, kecap manis and cucumber to complement the balance of flavours.
Asian Cuisine's menu - so much to try!!! I must come back and try out the other dishes on the menu!!! 

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