Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Rộlls at 996

I discovered Rộlls at 996 via the leaflets they dropped off at my workplace, upon discovering that they sell Vietnamese food, I was instantly excited. 

I was hoping that they'll be selling something different to Mama Tran, City Provisions or Caddy's Lunch Bar ...but sadly they weren't! 

Rộlls at 996's menu (luckily fall under the "$10 Cheap Eats") sells pretty much the same kind of items as City Provisions, Caddy's Lunch Bar and Mama Tran, with slight variations to suit various diners, especially vegetarians.
If you are wondering about the name "Rộlls" - it's actually just a fancy logo and has no specific meaning in Vietnamese, other than a straight translation from "rolls = cuốn / bánh mì"

William, the shop owner, used to be an Engineer working for GHD, quitted his boring desk job late last year to pursue his love for food and hence that's how Rộlls at 996 was born.
Rộlls at 996's shop has a basic and clean layout with a single painting highlighting images of Vietnam on one of the walls.

Rộlls at 996 sells mostly baguettes, rice paper rolls (traditional and variations) and salads. Their prices range from as low as $4.00 for ½ a roll of baguette to as high as $9.00 for a Sun Dried Tomato & Pickled Capsicum Salad.

Being Vietnamese, I am extra fussy with any Vietnamese food I'd come across and of course the first thing I usually try are the 'advertised' traditional dishes and Rộlls at 996 was no exception. 

The first item I ordered was the Traditional Vietnamese Salad with pork belly, prawns, shredded carrot, cucumber, green pawpaw and crushed peanuts. The salad came with nước chấm dressing and prawn crackers. For $8.00 I had expected the portion to be bigger than what I was served with (in a takeaway container).
To eat this kind of salad, you'd need to eat it in a bowl so that you can have room to toss the dressing into the salad to combined the flavours otherwise it'd just tasted bland and unappealing.

The second time I visited Rộlls at 996, I'd tried their Pork Belly Baguette (full size) $7.00. The pork belly was quite bland; the roll however, was too flaky - every times I chomp down on the roll the crumbs would get messier and messier, which annoys me quite a bit.
I also tried their Vietnamese Coffee $4.50, to which I have asked them to make it less sweet for me, the coffee itself however has no taste (flavour wise) other than (to me) feel a bit washed down. I was disappointed.
I do like Rộlls at 996's basic approach to their lunch menu and hope that they will do well. 

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