Friday, April 25, 2014

The Gaya Applecross - Revisited

It was a few weeks after we came back from our holiday in Bali, that I've invited his family to come to The Gaya Applecross for dinner.

After the first visit back in November, I was eager to show the family what a great place The Gaya is, though a bit far for us Northern peeps to get to but once in a while really was worth it! Smiley
Complimentary Rice Cake
Since there were 7 of us, we've decided to order some entrées and one dish each of the main to shared.
His parents ordered the Salmon Gravlax to shared. The Salmon Gravlax was marinated in gin, salt, sugar plum, dill and served with wakame and tobiko mayo $14 GF.
I ordered the Arancini balls served with basil pesto, pan-fried kimchi and berry sauce ($12 GF VG) and they were delicious Smiley
MM's sister is a fan of 'anything' chicken and could not skipped past this dish: Gaya Chicken, which were deep fried chicken thigh with Korean style batter, the Gaya special sweet and spicy sauce topped with roast peanut $14.
MM and his brother ordered the Gaya Maki, which has sushi rice, snow pea sprouts, mushrooms and topped with caper and tobiko $12 GF

Next were the mains (and below are what we've ordered) - some dishes were the same but I guess that's where 'great mind thinks alike' huh?Smiley
Kallguksoo (3 colour Korean noodle, king prawn, zucchini, leek, carrot, onion, tobiko) served with spicy prawn bisque and vegetable topped Japanese cavier and king prawn $26.
Side dish for our Mains - pickled cabbages, oyster mushrooms and shredded potatoes.
Seafood Stew, as you know from my previous post, has prawn, scallop, squid, fish, capsicum, zucchini and crunchy sticky rice to dip into the broth $28 GF.
Most of us went for the house made Matcha Green Tea ice cream for dessert. The green tea ice cream was just right, not as overpowering as some other places we visited.
except for MM, who decided to be different and ordered the Gaya Ho-Tuck to try. Though it was delicious when MM finally got his hands to it after a long long wait; we had to ask the waitress a few times as to where his dessert was, since most of us have already finished my green tea ice cream ages ago.

Overall the family enjoyed their meals. MM's mum even commented that 'she will be returning with her friends for sure' and that's a good sign indeed!

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  1. I like the fried chicken here, we had it for an entree too :) so fingerlicking good!


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