Sunday, May 4, 2014

Friday Night Drinks

Every week, on Friday's afternoon, Robin (our Corporate Event Coordinator) would plated something as simple as these for our weekly Friday Night Drinks and yesterday was no exception

2 dishes, beautifully plated up by Robin - they're looks just as nice as they were tasty *yum yum*
and above was the little flyer I distributed via an email invite.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Pet Lover's Café

We discovered Pet Lover's Café during our week off between the Easter long weekend and ANZAC Day long weekend.

Pet Lover's Café is a pet store / café that has both human's and pet's treats, including dog ice cream too!!!
Shop front and portrait photo of the owners'
Pets' accessories
Pets' treats

Beside the usual pet's products, there were items for the owners too, such as these cute gifts below:
Gorgeous gifts for the owners

Pet Lover's Café has the usual tea (Earl Grey & Green Tea) and coffee, but as this is not 'coffee specialist' café, don't expect too much in the quality of taste or flavour.
His Soy Long Mac - taste = average
Our chocolate cake = yum Smiley
My Skinny Flat White - taste also average

but we were just there for Casper, it was his day out just as much as it was for us.
Casper's treat
As you can see, he only liked the icing!!!

Pet Lover's Café was a great find. We'll definitely be back again for Casper to socialise, watching the world go by or just stopping by to rest, before we headed off to discover other places in the area. 

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