Saturday, July 26, 2014

Le Vietnam

Have you ever watched the film "Midnight in Paris"? Midnight in Paris (2011) IMDb "While on a trip to Paris with his fiancée, a nostalgic screenwriter finds himself mysteriously going back to the 1920s every day at midnight..." and that was my impression of Le Vietnam when I visited it for the very first time yesterday. 

And like Gil Pender in Midnight in Paris, I also mysteriously stumbled across Le Vietnam's facebook page the week I was in Hong Kong, "Paris of the Orient" as I often joked with friends - my second favourite city, after Paris of course!
What caught my eyes were their signage and their name "Le Vietnam" sounds so chic and oh so French! If you know me well enough, you will notice my love for the Eiffel Tower, the colour red and of course Asian food and Le Vietnam have all of those elements. 

Funnily enough, Le Vietnam was on top of my list to visit and I have only been back from my birthday trip in Hong Kong for a day!!!

Excited to share this new find, I messaged Priscilla of Pink Paper Plane on Google Talk and see if she wanted to join me for lunch.

We met up outside of Le Vietnam and was instantly in awe of the decorations as soon as we walked into the café...
Le Vietnam's decors 
(above) From entrance looking into café; (below) From café looking out.

Undecided on what to order, we seek out for recommendations from Le (owner of Le Vietnam). Le Vietnam is a Vietnamese French Café, inspired from Le's extensive travels to Paris and Vietnam.
Le Vietnam's menu sells mostly 'street food' style of food. Beside the normal coffee, it also sell Vietnamese Coffee (hot/cold) $4.00 - a must try!

For main, I chose to have the 'original' Bánh Mì Thịt and Priscilla chose the Grilled Meatballs Bánh Mì Nem Nướng, both at $6.00 each. Bargain!
Priscilla's Grilled Meatballs Bánh Mì Nem Nướng $6.00
My 'original' Bánh Mì Thịt $6.00

What I liked about my Bánh Mì is its pickles (đồ chua). The first and possibly the most important thing in a good Bánh Mì is the pickled carrots and daikon radish, second are the Vietnamese Mayo and paté. Le Vietnam ticked all the boxes in term of its pickles, mayo and paté and on top of it, they even toasted their Bánh Mì just before serving too, which is exactly how I like to eat my Bánh Mì. 

As a coffee lover, I couldn't resist the Iced Vietnamese Coffee (Cà Phê Sửa Đá) $4.00. Surprisingly, I was pleased with the level of sweetness and taste of their brew Smiley
When asked what kind of coffee beans did he use, Le responded "It's a house blend and roasted" and that got me curious - I wanted to try the beans at home too - unfortunately, they don't sell the beans to the public (at this stage anyway).
We also had the pleasure of trying out these mini 'patê sô' complimentary of Le Vietnam (normally 4 mini for $6.00). Bánh patê sô (from obsolete 19th century French pâtê chaud "hot pastry savoury pie") is a Vietnamese savoury puff pastry. The pastry is made of a light layered and flaky exterior with a meat filling.
Our lunch feast yesterday at Le Vietnam Smiley

For dessert, Priscilla also ordered a Raspberry Tart to share. Originally she wanted the Peanut Butter tart but was later told that it has sold out Smiley
Delightful treats from the glass cabinet - so many choices to choose from!
Raspberry Tart $4.00 with complimentary Fererro Rocher chocolates Smiley
I am usually not a sweet fan but I have to admit that I liked that tart! The texture and level of sweetness were just right. I was pleased to gobble my ½ of the tart down, with a refreshing sip of Chrysanthemum Tea - Yum!
Tea by the Pot $4.00

Overall we had an amazing time at Le Vietnam. Good food, friendly service, great atmosphere, decent price... I can't wait to return! Thank you Le Vietnam for an amazing lunch Smiley

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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Cheeky Sparrow

It has been a while since I last visited Cheeky Sparrow, even though I walked pass it every day to work!!

What caught my attention recently was their 'Half Price Pizza on Wednesday' snapshot on Instagram, so I messaged Priscilla of Pink Paper Plane's and scheduled in a meet up time.

We arrived at Cheeky Sparrow just after 12pm and there were plenty of seats for us to choose from, of course we chose a nice table with good natural sunlight for our photos - Yes I remembered to bring my camera along this time! Last week when I met up with Miss KT - totally on the spur of the moment - didn't.

It didn't take us long to placed an order because.... both of us seemed to have the same taste in food, we suggested the same pizzas to share without hesitation.
While we were waiting for the pizzas to arrived, Priscilla saw the sign for ginger beer and suggested we should give them a try and we did.
I went for the Lick Pier of course, while Priscilla opted for the non-alcoholic option.

Our pizzas arrived soon after...
How good is this 'duck, chilli, orange, sprouts, rocket, capsicum, coriander & sweet soy glaze' pizza?! We should have asked to leave the chilli out, cos it was way too spicy for us Smiley I had to pick the chilli pieces out before I could eat 'em!!!
And this 'spinach, mushroom, artichoke, sundried tomatoes, Spanish onion, feta & olives' pizza was just die for - it was so delicious, we didn't want to stop eating Smiley
Overall the food were good and service staff was very prompt and attentive to our needs, not to mentioned 'patience' when we were a bit indecisive at times Smiley

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