Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Rok Art Cafe Subiaco

To celebrate the grand opening of Perth Coffee Roasters café on Rokeby Road Subiaco on Monday, my hubby and I were lucky enough to be invited by Bonnie Raynor, one of four sisters who work in the family business based in Wembley with their parents/owners.

Perth Coffee Roasters is a family-owned/run business established in Perth in 2012. Perth Coffee Roasters operate from a roasting facility in Osborne Park with John being the master roaster and Jill manages the day-to-day running of the business and family.  

Arriving at 269 Rokeby Road around noon, we were greeted with the guys from Hit 92.9 with #SpinToWin "a free baguette" deal via Baguette Me Not.

I tried my luck but wasn't so lucky with winning one; my hubby did however *woo hoo* Smiley 

Once inside we were greeted with buzz of excitement. Rok Art Café is no ordinary café; it actually housed 5 different businesses in collaboration all under one roof. The building owned by Tracey Caddis, Artistic by Design and leasing out to Bonza Kitchen, The Prospect Project, Perth Coffee Roasters and Baguette Me Not with some of Tracey's paintings displaying on the wall towards the front entrance of the shop.

PCR (Perth Coffee Roasters) situated at the middle of the café, follow by The Prospect Project counter (middle right), Baguette Me Not (back left) and Bonza Kitchen at the very back.

My hubby was very excited with his 'free' baguette and decided to go with the Birdy Nom Nom (Grilled Lemongrass Chicken) from the menu.

The Grilled Lemongrass Chicken has free-range chicken, paté, mayonnaise, pickled carrots and daikon, cucumber, cilantro, spring onions, seasoning, Sriracha sauce and chilli in it. Hubby was over the moon! Smiley

For me, the first and possibly the most important thing in a good Bánh Mì are the pickled carrots and daikon, second are the mayonnaise and the paté. Baguette Me Not ticked all the boxes in term of its pickles, mayo and paté. The flavour and seasoning were also perfect... I definitely want second now!!!

and these macarons were A.M.A.Z.I.N.G with just the right level of sweetness too - perfect for my fussy taste buds Smiley

Baguette Me Not on Urbanspoon

While hubby devoured his yummy baguette, I ventured over to say hello to the guys at PCR and was warmly greeted by John, master roaster/owner of Perth Coffee Roasters & their master barista, Iain Sheppard.

Iain make a mean cup of coffee, although I was a bit disappointed that the coffees came out in takeaway containers, even though we were dining in Smiley
Iain Sheppard, master barista at work

These 'to die for' Chocolate Brownies were complimentary and they were made with love by the lovely Robert Campbell of PCR and I must say (being a chocoholic), that the brownies were simply DIVINE! Smiley
 Grab one or maybe two to three slices if you're in the area!

Perth Coffee Roasters on Urbanspoon

We were also given a raw Iced Coffee made by the lovely Shannon of the Prospect Project using PCR coffee beans to try.

The Iced Coffee has espresso, almond milk, dates and vanilla in it. The almond milk was a bit intense for me but otherwise, I can definitely taste the dates and a mild coffee flavour.
Shannon, Prospect Project & Iain, Perth Coffee Roasters

Shannon also has a display of other raw treats, kombucha drinks and a range of retail goodies, including soy candles for purchase at the counter.

Prospect Project on Urbanspoon

Overall hubby and I had an amazing time at Rok Art Café. Good food, friendly service, great atmosphere, café concept and vision. I can't wait to return. 

Thank you Perth Coffee Roasters (Baguette Me Not and Prospect Project) for the amazing lunch and takeaway! We'll be back!!!

Disclaimer: Nini Foodielicious would like to thank Perth Coffee Roasters for their invitation to dine at their new café in Subiaco. All opinions on this post are Nini Foodielicious' own.

Rok Art Café, 269 Rokeby Road, Subiaco WA 6008

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day 2015

Happy Valentine's Day to all my Insta / Facebook and Blogger friends... young, old, married, coupled or happily single Smiley

How do you usually spend your Valentine's Day? I personally think that Valentine's Day is an "overrated holiday". People always seem to see today (February 14) as a time to splurge money to show love via flowers, chocolates and/or jewellery for their significant half.

To me, Valentine's Day is just another day of the year, it is no different from yesterday or tomorrow, except yesterday was Friday and tomorrow will be Sunday Smiley

Hubby and I have been together for so long that we're both agreed that if you truly love someone, you should show and tell that person everyday of the year, not just on one particular day such as today.

Anyhow, just because we don't believe in splurging money on random craps doesn't mean that we don't celebrate at all. 

This morning both of us got in the kitchen, while he prepares breakfast, I'd make us coffee. Together we ate and Casper has some of our leftover.

While I clean up, hubby washed the car and then we went to Scarborough Beach for a stroll up and down The Esplanade with our 4-legged baby, Casper.

We got to the beach about 12pm and there were hardly anyone there, which was just perfect because there were plenty of parking spaces for us *woo hoo*
Scarborough Beach

It was a nice day at the beach today. Slightly windy but sunny day, not as hot as the last few days were. Thank goodness! 

After a short stroll, we decided to grab some Fish & Chips to share. I wasn't particularly hungry, so hubby got enough for himself and a bit extra chips for me to munch on.

Casper of course, waited patiently for us to finish so we could walk some more.

We got home at about 3:30pm, rested a bit and then hubby went straight to the fridge and got himself one of these parfaits (see below) that I made last night and devouring it within minutes!

These Port Wine Jelly-Strawberry Parfaits were an adaptation to Jamie's recipe via her My Baking Addiction website. You can find my adapted recipe at Indochine Taste of Asia's blog. 

Overall, we had a great family day out and would definitely look forward to the next family day-out very soon!
Happy Valentine's Day to you all!