Thursday, March 19, 2015

Friday Night in Northbridge

I drove into Northbridge last Friday to meet up with hubby for a little "Friday Arvo Drinks", especially since I don't work in the CBD anymore.

We strolled through Northbridge deciding on where to grab a drink as well as checking out to see what's new and happening in Northbridge Smiley

Hubby suggested Frisk Small Bar, so off we went. We have been to Frisk Small Bar a few times before and we both liked it. Frisk located at 103 Francis Street, is gin bar so if you like gin - that's the place to go to! There are 209 varieties to choose from so do go wild Smiley

We arrived just after 4pm and there were couple of people there already. Most of the outdoor tables were taken, so we happily took the seating inside.

Hubby is a fan of cider so he ordered the Lobo Cloudy Apple and I am a fan of lychee...
so I ordered 'That Lychee One' cocktail from the menu to try Smiley

That Lychee One cocktail has gin, lychee, elderflower, mints, lemon and topped up with lemonade. I left the lychee to the very end and I must say - that was a potent thing to do but hey I like it!

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After the drinks, I suddenly had the cravings for Nando's chips (coincidently Nando's was just around the corner from Frisk Small Bar)  Smiley

We weren't exactly super duper hungry, so I ordered a large Peri Peri chips for us to share while we'd decide on where to go for dinner!

OMG! How good are these chips??? Smiley Judging by the feedbacks I received on Instagram, other people's thoughts were the same too!

After we stuffed our faces with Nando's yummiest chips, we decided to stroll through James Street heading towards William Street to see what options we can have dinner.

As we got closer to William Street, something across the road caught our eyes... well my eyes to be exact!

It wasn't the name that caught my eyes but instead it was the interior layout and settings. You could say I have a soft spot for furniture in distress. My eye will always go towards anything that looks...rustic, vintage or just about any old piece with years of character, it kind of reminded me of my childhood and the old character home I grew up in Vietnam.

Sauma, the new Indian in town having just opened about 4 weeks ago. What also caught my eyes was their signage for "Indian Street Food" which I haven't come across one before. 

I must admit that I'm not particularly fond of Indian food, apart from a couple of dishes at Chik & Kent (perhaps it's because they're a fusion Indian restaurant or whatever it is), but nevertheless I decided to give this Indian's street food restaurant a go to see what it's like...

One of the waitresses mentioned that the décors were shipped here from India after seeing my curious gaze darting back and forth at the furniture. 

Both hubby and I weren't too hungry (having just stuffed our faces with Nando's Peri Peri Chips!); we decided to order 2 platters to share instead. 

There were only 9 items on the menu for the "Street Food with Beer", the rest were small platters, curries and side dishes. 

We ordered the Goan Sausage from the "Street Food" section and the Fremantle Octopus Salad from the "Smaller" section to share.

The Goan Sausage $14 grilled with sautéed red capsicum, toddy vinegar, ginger, naan bread.

The Goan Sausage came out beautifully presented with oil glistened on the surface. The meat portion looks small and the sausages were dry - my instant dislike. Hubby commented that he wish the dish was more saucier so he can dip the naan bread in. 

The Fremantle Octopus Salad came out about the same time and was also beautifully presented.

The Fremantle Octopus Salad $14 with puffed rice, chilli, mung sprouts, coriander, tamarind and roasted peanuts - more a puffed rice salad than octopus salad; we enjoyed the little pieces of octopus here and there but had expected more octopus in a 'octopus salad' and the roasted peanuts were slightly uncooked and was a bit unpleasant to eat.

Overall the service was pleasant. I might come back one day to see if they have made any changes but we'll see.

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  1. The food at Sauma definitely looks pretty - what a shame it didn't meet your expectations for taste! Hopefully things pick up soon and it's just initial teething problems :)

    1. I hope so too Kristy! it would be a shame if things don't pick up because the restaurant is a nice addition to the Northbridge scene. I would like to see more of the "street food" items on the menu too.


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