Sunday, August 2, 2015

Dan Murphy's Balga

What wine would you give to a wine snob? Do you get stressed out buying a bottle of wine for your wine snob friends, when they invited you over for dinner? I do ...all the time!

Wine Snob - we all have them or at least know of them - the friends who pride themselves as wine enthusiasts, vino aficionados. They sometimes carry a preconceived bias that a certain price tag on any given bottle of wine mean that bottle will averagely taste heaps better than the ones that are not.

What's the difference between a wine snob or wine geek you may ask, obviously wine geeks are easier to hang out with, they're passionate about everything from soil composition to fermentation techniques; they'd be more than happy to share the knowledge with you while those wine snobs are usually only armoured themselves with their own wine fabulousness and how much more they know about wine than the rest of us peasants!

So I got invited to a (wine snob) friend's house for dinner last night. She said earlier in the week that we're most likely going to have pasta for dinner. So yesterday I drove to Dan Murphy in Balga to select a bottle to take with me to dinner.

I am usually a white wine drinker - Sauvignon Blanc to be exact! Hubby is a red wine drinker but he's currently working away, so I couldn't ask him to pick a nice one out for me.

But thanks to a lovely Dan Murphy's staff by the name of Matt who gave me his recommendations on a couple of these lovelies.

The first one was this beauty "Casillero del Diablo 2013" $13.99 per bottle is a medium bodied with silky tannins and long ripe fruit and berry aftertaste. Matt also said he gifted this particular one to his dad recently and his dad liked it very much.

and the second one was this "Kaesler Cabernet Sauvignon Barossa Valley 2012$24.99 per bottle. The Cabernet Sauvignon has fresh cassis and herbal notes with the perfect amount of ripe tannin.
I suspected that Matt is a wine geek as he was more than happy to make a recommendation to me and does not act or show that he was ..uh more wine superior than me in any ways, which is a good thing to peasants.. oops people like me! 

I decided to give the bottle of Kaesler to my (wine snob) friend just to be safe! With her, I'd rather be safe than sorry. Even so I still had to listen through her rants, all the while I just wanted to take a sip of the wine she's just pour into our glasses - yes in one ear out the other - O.M.G just let me take a sip please... Smiley I will keep the other bottle to share with hubby when he comes back from work.

At dinner I mentioned to my (wine snob) friend on how it was so hard for me pick a bottle out for her. She laughed and said that she's not a wine snob, although she doesn't usually drink (red) wines that are under 5 years old ...uh but she just said?!

The result: She commented "This one is quite nice considering that it is less than 5 years" Amen!

Wine is about enjoyment and that is all. Kudos to all you wine geeks (Matt included) or wine lovers out there! Be yourselves and peasants like me will love you forever!!!