Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Despite having had to be at our cousin's tea ceremony early on Saturday's morning, we'd somehow managed to be at BOO espresso at around 8amish for a quick (coffee) fix! Casper came with us too of course ツ

On arrival we were greeted by Christian Simone, owner and barista of BOO espresso. I have met Christian several times before at Northbridge Coffee Roasters, where I have been a fan of their coffee beans for the last 12 months or so and I am so glad to see that BOO espresso stocked my favourite beans on their shelves too! 
Casper got spoiled instantly by receiving his very first puppy cino before we even got our coffees! Lucky boy!

When asked what coffee I want, I answered impulsively with a "Flat white" instead of the Nutella Mocha (skull cup) that I have been eyeing on Instagram all of last week!!!

So Christian offered me these as complimentary just so I can have my own photos for Instagram  thanks Christian!
He warned me though that the complimentary coffee can be quite potent, as he has put in 3-4 shots of coffee just so the coffee will look as good as it does - for photo purposes of course!

We also ordered a toastie and wrap for breakfast, but as both of us were super hungry at the time, I ...uh forgot to take pics of them Smiley
Here's a photo to prove that we did order something to eat - not just the coffees!

BOO espresso possibly is one of Perth's smallest espresso bars with their 2m x 4m fit-out nestled between Stormie Mills' workshop and art gallery.

What I like about BOO espresso is that it's a 'dog friendly' café, catered not only for the two legged clientele but also for the four legged kind too! 

We love taking Casper out and about with us wherever we can and BOO espresso just happened to be one of those places that we can Smiley Good coffees, great location (with dog park right across the road and Stormie Mills' gallery next door) as well as the excellent customer service from the team at BOO - what more would you ask for really?!

I can't wait to come back more and more often to check out BOO's cold brew coffee (coming soon) and other coffee-related treats - stay tune for updates!

P.S. I came back today to try out their Nutella Hot Chocolate, not the right weather I know but I just like the look of the cup to be honest!
All gone within minutes!

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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Benedetto Bakery

Thanks to April aka What Can I Bake? I discovered Benedetto Bakery, a recently opened family owned café and bakery in the heart of Malaga's industrial area.

The café and bakery was opened about 4 months ago to Daniel Benedetto, baker and one of the owners of Benedetto Bakery.

The bakery make fresh bread daily along with homemade pasta, salad, rolls, pizza, muffins, cakes and many more. I was in awe with so many things to choose from the counter. 

With habit, I instantly wanted to take photos of everything I see as my own visual diary for things I want to get on my next visit. I asked for permission out of courtesy of course. The owners were a bit edgy at first when I asked if I could take some photos for my blog. After reassuring them many times over that I am just a food blogger (I even showed them my Instagram photos as proof!) and eventually they loosened up and let me take these photos! Phew!!!
 How good are these cakes?!

Despite all the yummy treats above, my eyes already stopped at these loaves on the shelf - I was told these are the best crusty loaves they have!
Taking on Danny's recommendation, I bought myself a loaf to try Smiley
I paired this bread off the very next day with a homemade (by yours truly) Chicken Liver Paté and a glass of red wine Smiley 

How awesome was this? Italian bread with French Paté and Chilean red wine!

I can't wait to go back for some more treats! 'til next time!

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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Mrs S

I finally made it to Mrs S after months and months of following and drooling over their Instagram photos and boy was it worth the wait! Yes I know, better late than never right?! 

The little café right on the corner of Whatley Crescent and Eight Avenue could easily be missed when you're on the road. 

April and I arrived just after 8:30am and the café was already packed! Luckily she arrived just before me and got a nice table outside. 

First thing I noticed was the menu made out of children story books ❤ Cute isn't it?!
One scan of the menu and I knew exactly what I was going to order Smiley There were no table service at Mrs S but that's fine with me, because quite frankly I don 't mind at all; I mean why should I be when I can ogling at these array of sweet 'distractions' at the same time -  Yes I want to taste a bit of everything Smiley
How deliciously are those! One look of the delectable treats displayed on the counter and I knew exactly what I was going to order for takeaway later on!!!

Once ordered, I asked one of the floor staff if I could take photos of their food display and she's happily said yes. Yay for me!
One of the first things that caught my eyes were these O.M.G Lamingtons; second by the Cheesecakes and Lemon Curd Cakes

Our coffees came out just as I got back to our table, with April's Cappuccino (left) and my skinny Flat White (right), both were simply divine❣
B for Breakfast!
Our breakfast arrived soon after...
April ordered the Granny June's Cornbread with poached eggs, bacon, jug ó maple syrup and salad $18.50

And I ordered the Rose & Berry Panna Cotta with seasonal fruits, pistachio, organic yogurt, quinoa-almond crumble $18.50
Both dishes not only looking divine but they also tasted good as well! I especially  the presentation on my plate... who wouldn't right?!

It's no secret that we "eat with our eyes" first and that's so true when it come to the food at Mrs S!

Overall a pleasant experience at Mrs S last weekend! I especially ❤ all the yummy and 'gorgeous looking' treats displayed on the counter!

Oh and I did buy some little treats to take home for tea as well Smiley
Lamington for hubby 
and Lemon Curd Cake for me!

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