Sunday, December 20, 2015

Lot 20 Yelp Event

Thanks to Laura, I got invited to attend an exclusive blogger event with "An evening with Yelp at Lot 20" on Tuesday 15 December.

On arrival we were given a glass of chilled Aperol Spritz (Aperol mixed with Riccadona Prosecco and topped with a slice of orange and olive).

On its own the Aperol can be a little bit bitter on the back of the throat and sweet at the tip of the tongue, but mixed in the Prosecco it was such a refreshing drink - definitely perfect for the hot Perth summer days right now!

We were also being spoilt by a couple of canapés through the night with the sardine, roasted pepper on toast was my favourite, followed by the gnocchi and lemon meringue macarons.
sardine, roasted pepper on toast
Hand model courtesy thanks to Aren of Campari
the bean salad (a bit bland in my book)
lemon meringue macarons

We were also given some Yelp souvenirs to takeaway and my favourite was this Yelp Rescue Recharger - even more reason to Yelps longer!

Thanks Laura for a wonderful night meeting new and old blogger friends! I can't for the next event Smiley

Friday, December 11, 2015

Smashup Café

Natasha and I caught up on Wednesday for lunch at Smashup Café . Smashup has been opened for 7 weeks by a husband & wife team (John & Grace) and incorporates a fusion between the Vietnamese's bánh mì with the Korean's BBQ meat for fillings. 

John previously an engineer from Melbourne was made redundant a few years back; he then ventured into the fitting-out business for several years before venturing into the food business (for the very first time). The idea came about from his dad's wealth of experience in the bánh mì family business back in Vietnam years ago and his wife, Grace's "amazing Korean BBQ meats" (John was glowing with pride when he said this❣) and hence Smashup was born - lucky for us foodies! Yay!

If you come to Smashup and expect to have the original Vietnamese Bánh Mì flavour then this is not the place, instead expect to have your mind blow away the Vietnamese/Korean fusion experience!

I arrived at Smashup a few minutes before Natasha so I was able to have a brief chat with John and took some photos.
12:30pm service was hectic with regulars and newcomers like myself ツ
The ordering procedure was similar to the way you order your Subway roll, you'll be ask what you'd like to have in your "personalised' bánh mì and what sauce you'd like to go with it.

Being my first time there, I was keen to let John create my roll for me with a combination of toasted Vietnamese-style baguette (Smashup's bread was a bit denser than the typical Viet baguette and has practically no flakes when you bites into it *hallelujah*!)

I watched John personally creating my bánh mì with pâté, mayonnaise, lettuce, carrot, cucumber, BBQ sauce and topped it up with Roasted Pork Belly and Grilled Soy Chicken.

The roll looked too big for me to chomp down so I picked on the pork belly and grilled chicken to eat first before I could chomping down on my roll Smiley

I have to admit that I am usually not a fan of chicken, I don't know whether it's the chicken itself or the sauce that's usually went with it, but Smashup's chicken ticked all of the flavour, taste and texture and of course I ate it all Smiley

Natasha has been to Smashup before and ordered the Sweet Potato Noodle (Japchae) dish last time, so this time around she ordered the Gỏi Cuốn (rice paper rolls) to try instead.

Natasha had all the 3 flavours of Chicken & Tofu, Beef Bulgogi & Spicy Pork. I heard great review about the Bulgogi rice paper roll, from blogger such as Inexology last time I trolled her Instagram post, so I am keen to try that next time! 

We also ordered the Vietnamese coffees to try; I had the iced coffee while Natasha had the black coffee instead. Grace kindly warned Natasha that the black coffee might be too strong but apparently it wasn't so.

I also got to try the Raspberry Cream Puff, courtesy thanks to John but I was too full from the bánh mì that I have asked for it to be takeaway instead - that didn't last long, I literally stuff my face with it as soon as I got home and it was yum!

John asked if I wanted to try their hot coffee but I was way too full then to eat anything else! I promised him however that I will come back next week with hubby in tow to try out the other stuffs on his menu Smiley

Disclaimer: Nini Foodielicious would like to thank John & Grace for the complimentary lunch at their newly opened café. While the meal was sponsored; all opinions on this post are Nini Foodielicious' own.

Smashup Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Friday, December 4, 2015

Lay Up

April and I caught up for brunch at the newly opened café on Brisbane Street today.

Lay Up caught my eyes while I was 'surfing' on Instagram a few days ago; so when April messaged me for our weekly catch up, I instantly thought of Lay Up and that's where we were this morning.

April has her eyes on the Baked Eggs even before we got to the café, thanks to a photo posted by Perth Munchkin on her Facebook post today!
April's Baked Eggs has feta, chorizo, spinach and house baked sourdough toasts on the side. 

While I deliberately picked the Juniper and Citrus Cured Salmon having been eyeing it for days on Instagram!
My Cured Salmon dish has asparagus, fennel, Gingin orange and lemon crumb in it. I was told by the friendly waitress that the green sauce was in fact fennel, which surprised both both of us (April thought the green sauce was made of peas, while I thought the green sauce was from an avocado).

For drinks, April ordered her usual Cappuccino... in a large mug and I opted for a juice today - the Apple Watermelon Crushie I had was nice and so refreshing!

We thoroughly enjoyed our brunch at Lay Up today Smiley I love the café interior concept and décor - so laid back and easy going! Definitely a good café to be at, on a lazy Sunday morning kind of thing! The service was also exceptional and I would come back again for the Cured Salmon  Smiley

Layup Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato