Saturday, February 27, 2016

Dessert Room

Seven foodies and myself were lucky enough to be looked after by Jonas on behalf of his friend (Helen) and owner of Dessert Room with some amazing Asian flavoured desserts such as Taro, Matcha and Durian, all of which are available from this week onward - get in early before they're all run out!
Dessert Room took over from Theobroma, an old chocolate shop that used to be there. The café is located at Shop 47 at Waterford Plaza (cnr Kent Street and Manning Road) in Karawara and opens from 9am - 5pm Monday - Sunday.

Jonas started off with taking our drinks order and in between orders and other customers; he would dash back and forth to have a chat with us about the shop and their products. 

Here he was with one of our drinks, looking as sheepish as ever from practically being forced to be my random (and much unexpected) "hand model" Smiley
Belgian Chocolate Milk Shake
Matcha & Taro Milk Shake - how gorgeous were the colours!

While our drinks take turn to come out, Jonas brought out the first selection of desserts for us to try - Yummy Swiss roll with some very interest Asian flavours such as Pineapple Crumple (as seen below), Pandan Cheese, Durian (my fave ❤) and Pork Floss.
The Swiss Rolls were baked fresh daily by the talented lady at Rollpublic and there were many choices to choose from.
Hand model courtesy thanks to Inex
My Taro Latté came out soon after; although the drink was nice, I find that the latté was rather too sweet to my liking, perhaps it's something to do with the taro syrup?

The Red Velvet Waffle Sandwich with raspberry white chocolate ice cream and Belgian chocolate sauce came out just after my drink. The waffle was such a delight on each bite with it being crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, together with the creamy ice cream they dissolved delightfully in my mouth!

The Coconut Kaffir Lime Panna Cotta with strawberry coulis, peanut tuile and mango sorbet followed soon after.

The sorbet was nice and sweet with a hint of mango, while the panna cotta has more of the kaffir lime taste, but no hint of the coconut flavoured that I could pick up from.

Overall we had an amazing time dining at Dessert Room. Thank you Jonas and the Dessert Room team for spoiling us with so many goodies! I can't wait to come back and try the rest of the dessert galore on your menu!!!

Disclaimer: Nini Foodielicious would like to thank Dessert Room for the complimentary desserts at their newly renovated café. While the meal was sponsored; all opinions on this post are Nini Foodielicious' own.

Dessert Room Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Secondeli Café

Hubby, Casper and I visited Secondeli Café yesterday for its grand opening day's promotion of "FREE coffee" with the coffee code of "Pinball". I was curious as to why they picked "pinball" as the coffee code and then (as I walked in) I saw the Kiss Pinball machine in the front window corner - I would have check it out if it isn't for some guys hogging it first!!!

Secondeli located at 751 Beaufort Street (corner of Second Avenue) where Kevin's Deli & Lunch Bar used to be in Mount Lawley.
Secondeli has a retro/funky interior - the pinball machine was definitely an added bonus. On the Second Avenue side, they also have a couple's couch and some outdoor seating, some added shades would be recommended especially with the Perth's extreme heat and also a dog's water bowl would be helpful, as I have to ask for a small disposable cup for Casper to drink from. 

Hubby and I ordered 2 "pinball" coffees - Soy Cappuccino (free coffee with 60 cents extra for the soy milk) for hubby and I ordered the Skinny Flat White, my usual favourite.
We noticed that the service was fast and efficient, the owners and staffs were all nice, friendly and eager to please, which is a good thing of course! Coffees of course were also great Smiley  we finished ours in no time!

What we love best was the couch (yes we sat there the whole time we were there) and Casper even gave us his paws of approval on how comfy the couch was too!

We also checked out the café menu, which has a variety of Mediterranean dishes as well as the usual Bacon & Egg Toastie.
What caught my eyes were their Moroccan dish of Shakshuka, merguez sausages, poached egg, labne, dukka and toast - my mouth waters as I typed this! I can't wait to come back to try some (if not all) of their food!

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Friday, February 19, 2016

Sorelle for Hair

Hubby and I have been going to Sabrina at Sorelle for Hair for our monthly/bi-monthly hair cut for as long as I can remember.

I first met Sabrina while she was still working at Bangs Salon on Irwin Street and I was also working in the same street. This was back in 2007. Yes, I have known Sabrina for that long! 

When Sabrina left Bangs Salon about a year after, I followed her to her brand new business premise aka home salon and together with hubby, we have been one her earliest customers since then.

Sabrina's home salon based in Hamersley with a separate lounge room decked out as the home based salon complete with a hair basin and a cupboard full of hair colour tubes.

I once asked Sabrina "What does Sorelle mean?" and she replied "Sorelle means sisters, it represent four sisters who are all in the hair and beauty industry" - see for a list of services and pricing on what they offered.

Sabrina has over 10+ years experience in the hair industry, specialising in corrective colours and up styles - if you need an experienced hairstylist for your wedding, she'll be the person to go to!

The majority of Sabrina's clients are the ladies but she does men's hair cut too and it's not just any random hair cut either. The guys also get pampered with a style cut, shampoo and massage as well! Here are a few snapshots of hubby being looked after by Sabrina.
Before and After

If you're anything like me, finding the right hairstylist/doctor/dentist who understand you and know what good for you is like winning lotto - you'd go to the same person over and over again regardless of wherever they are or where to right? Well I am like that with Sabrina (and of course the same for doctor and dentist as well!) Yes I am a very loyal customer ツ

Sabrina knows my likes and dislikes and hence I usually leave it up to her to cut and style/coloured my hair - see below for snapshots of my last coloured and recent cut with Sabrina.

Sorelle for Hair is an experience worthy of a visit each and every time. I can't wait for my next appointment in a few weeks ❤

Thursday, February 18, 2016

HBF Outdoor Fitness

HBF Fitness is an eight-week outdoor training program designed for all fitness levels. The HBF Outdoor is for everyone, from low intensity workouts, medium to high-density boot camps. With 20 locations on the HBF website to choose from, it's not that hard getting into shape this summer!

Sometimes taking the first step to exercise is the hardest - I know because it's taken my husband plenty of patience and sweat to get me off my lazy bottom to do it!

If you are anything like me, you'll appreciate these training guides that HBF has put together to get you started

Hubby and I have been doing the "Active Plus" program at the outdoor session, it is one of four program types to suit all fitness levels. Active Plus is a mix of cardio and strength exercise, suitable for moderate fit level (even lazy ass like me!).

HBF Outdoor Fitness is free to HBF members and cost $120 (incl GST) for non-members. The program held at Houghton Park, Bayswater and run from 20 Jan - 12 Mar.

To register for a session, you'll need to go to and answer some online questions re: your personal details and your level of fitness etc. Once you've completed the registration, a confirmation email will be send to your email address, with a Booking Reference No. and QR code to be scan in by your trainer at each session.

The trainers at the sessions are fantastic. They will guide you and show you (at your own pace) the right way to do stretch and warm ups (before the session start and finish), which is just perfect for a moderately unfit person like myself!

I hope HBF will have a fitness program for the autumn/winter months as I would hate to go back to being a bum for the duration of winter!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Eat The Street Walking Tours

Despite the crazy weather on Saturday, hubby and I still brave the scorching 40 degree heat and joined Jacqueline on a free walking tour around Northbridge. 

Eat Street Walking Tours is owned and operated by a local couple Jacqueline and her partner, Mark. The tours started about three months ago focusing on Subiaco Art & Eats Walking Tours and Brunch on Beaufort Street. The tour is for everyone - whether you're a local (like myself), new to town or you're just a foodie that's keen to check out the local food scene and see what's new in the neighbourhood.

We met at 258 William Street, Northbridge for the 11am tour. The tour as part of the On William's Streetside brings us behind the scenes of both old and new establishments. The tour includes some food and drink samples, with the option to purchase more (at a discounted price) if we want to.
Street artist at work
After the brief introduction about who Eat Street Walking Tours are and which areas they serviced, we walk towards our first destination - The Brass Monkey.
We got introduced to Jeremy, the Duty Manager who gave us a tour on the Brass Monkey and talked to us about the hotel's origin.
View of the city from one of the up stair's balconies 
The Brass Monkey is a three-storey hotel with 4 bars, a lounge, restaurant and several outdoor spaces, including a hidden outdoor courtyard that I didn't know about!

We stopped for a short break with this Hot & Spicy Chicken Wings, one of many yummy dishes on their hot new menu! It was so delicious that many have seconds!
We went on for a bit more tour of hotel/pub before winding down to a beer at one of the bars at the end of our tour of The Brass Monkey.

The Brass Monkey Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Second stop of the walking tour was a stopover at The Dominion League on 84 Beaufort Street, where the old Court Wine Bar used to be.
Owned by the same people who brought you Mechanic's Institute, the Dominion League on the street level is a large open bar like window. The stained glass windows gave it a mystique vibe to the place.

Downstairs in the basement level was more dimly lit and has a cozy feel to it!
Like many have said, the large booths in gorgeous teal velvet were so inviting - I'll definitely going to go back and claim one of the booths very soon!

Next up some of us got to taste a bit of whiskey - thanks to hubby for being my hand model yet again

At the end of the tour we were treated to some delicious jaffles. Some of us ordered drinks, while some chit chatting and catching up on what's new in Perth etc.
Bartender at work
Hubby ordered a drink from the billboard at the bar - This was the Hillbilly Bob's Ruckus Juice with Captain Morgan spiced, lime & orgeat topped with ginger beer and ruckus.

Dominion League Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Our final stop was at Lot Twenty; after a brief intro Jacqueline dashed off to meet another tour group for the day. We were left with complimentary servings of Dutch Fries served with Peanut Satay, Mayonnaise and Red Onion.
Hubby also ordered a cider to go with the fries. We stayed a bit to catch up on conversations with some of the tour members before we headed back to William Street to check out on the street side stalls.

"Walking Tours" is one of the things I love to do when I travelled abroad. It is an excellent way to explore the city, experience the culture and lifestyle as we delve into the history, stories and culture of the city we're visiting. I'm glad we'd signed up for the free tour of Northbridge - It was a well worthy experience, especially at being a "tourist" for a day in my very own city, I learnt quite a bit more about my surroundings, as well as the chance of meeting new friends at the same time!

Thanks to Jacqueline for an amazing day, celebrating (and re-discovering) Northbridge during the On William's 2016 Street Side event.