Thursday, February 18, 2016

HBF Outdoor Fitness

HBF Fitness is an eight-week outdoor training program designed for all fitness levels. The HBF Outdoor is for everyone, from low intensity workouts, medium to high-density boot camps. With 20 locations on the HBF website to choose from, it's not that hard getting into shape this summer!

Sometimes taking the first step to exercise is the hardest - I know because it's taken my husband plenty of patience and sweat to get me off my lazy bottom to do it!

If you are anything like me, you'll appreciate these training guides that HBF has put together to get you started

Hubby and I have been doing the "Active Plus" program at the outdoor session, it is one of four program types to suit all fitness levels. Active Plus is a mix of cardio and strength exercise, suitable for moderate fit level (even lazy ass like me!).

HBF Outdoor Fitness is free to HBF members and cost $120 (incl GST) for non-members. The program held at Houghton Park, Bayswater and run from 20 Jan - 12 Mar.

To register for a session, you'll need to go to and answer some online questions re: your personal details and your level of fitness etc. Once you've completed the registration, a confirmation email will be send to your email address, with a Booking Reference No. and QR code to be scan in by your trainer at each session.

The trainers at the sessions are fantastic. They will guide you and show you (at your own pace) the right way to do stretch and warm ups (before the session start and finish), which is just perfect for a moderately unfit person like myself!

I hope HBF will have a fitness program for the autumn/winter months as I would hate to go back to being a bum for the duration of winter!

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