Friday, February 19, 2016

Sorelle for Hair

Hubby and I have been going to Sabrina at Sorelle for Hair for our monthly/bi-monthly hair cut for as long as I can remember.

I first met Sabrina while she was still working at Bangs Salon on Irwin Street and I was also working in the same street. This was back in 2007. Yes, I have known Sabrina for that long! 

When Sabrina left Bangs Salon about a year after, I followed her to her brand new business premise aka home salon and together with hubby, we have been one her earliest customers since then.

Sabrina's home salon based in Hamersley with a separate lounge room decked out as the home based salon complete with a hair basin and a cupboard full of hair colour tubes.

I once asked Sabrina "What does Sorelle mean?" and she replied "Sorelle means sisters, it represent four sisters who are all in the hair and beauty industry" - see for a list of services and pricing on what they offered.

Sabrina has over 10+ years experience in the hair industry, specialising in corrective colours and up styles - if you need an experienced hairstylist for your wedding, she'll be the person to go to!

The majority of Sabrina's clients are the ladies but she does men's hair cut too and it's not just any random hair cut either. The guys also get pampered with a style cut, shampoo and massage as well! Here are a few snapshots of hubby being looked after by Sabrina.
Before and After

If you're anything like me, finding the right hairstylist/doctor/dentist who understand you and know what good for you is like winning lotto - you'd go to the same person over and over again regardless of wherever they are or where to right? Well I am like that with Sabrina (and of course the same for doctor and dentist as well!) Yes I am a very loyal customer ツ

Sabrina knows my likes and dislikes and hence I usually leave it up to her to cut and style/coloured my hair - see below for snapshots of my last coloured and recent cut with Sabrina.

Sorelle for Hair is an experience worthy of a visit each and every time. I can't wait for my next appointment in a few weeks ❤

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