Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Don Tapa

Hubby and I braved the crazy weather on Saturday morning to meet up with some friends for lunch at Don Tapa. 

Don Tapa is a modern South American cuisine with an Asian Fusion twists also know as Nikkei Cuisine - the beautiful love child of Peru and Japan. Located at the Mantle, Don Tapa is a pop up space in a beautifully converted warehouse in the East End of Fremantle.

Don Tapa's menu was designed to be shared amongst friends and hence the arrival of the Kimchi Pancakes for us to start off with.
The Kimchi Pancakes ($18) consisted of broccolini and corn, kimchi salad, togarashi spiced egg with added house cured bacon on the side. 

Despite not having any kimchi in the "kimchi" pancakes batter, the pancakes still tasted quite good complemented by the rest of the flavours on the plate. The kimchi salad could be a bit spicier and with a little more kimchi sauce, this dish would have been amazing!

We also had the Ancho Chilli and Bacon Ramen ($18) which consist of Char Siu Pork, 62 degree egg, pickled mushroom and prawn toast.
Hand model courtesy thanks to Andrew Nguyễn
The ramen was Inex's choice and initially she wasn't going to shared with the rest of us (j/k!) but eventually she gave in and managed to split it into 5 little bowls beautifully. The ramen was delicious and heart-warming and if the broth was to be a little bit more (chilli) spicier, I think this dish will be our absolute favourite! 

Next up was the Ceviche Sushi Roll ($15) with market seafood, tiger milk and chilli.
Hand model courtesy thanks to Andrew Nguyễn 
The sushi roll is Don's twist on the classic ceviche dish. The dish was light and together with the pickled chilli (on top) was so refreshing and flavoursome. The trick is to pop the whole thing in one mouthful in order to experience that burst of flavours at the same time. 

Fourth dish on the list was the Koji Chicken Donut Slider ($7) with spiced fried free range chicken, jack cheese and Jarra honey butter.
Hand model courtesy thanks to Inexology
The combination of ingredients flavoured the dish so well and thanks to Inex's knife skill we'd all managed to have at least 2 pieces each of the sliders!

Fifth dish we tried was the Don Does Saigon ($22) with peanuts, coriander black pudding, smoked chilli and green tomato salsa and panko crumbed egg.
I didn't get a chance to taste this dish as I was probably too busy taking photos, but the boys said it was quite nice!

The Szechuan Soft Shell Crab Tacos ($18) were last on our list; served with chipotle aioli and corn salsa. Lucky me I got to chomp down not one but two of these tacos!!!

Overall we had a wonderful time at Don Tapa. The ambience and vibes were nice too despite the horrid weather outside.
Our waitress was also amazing and ever so patience with us, especially when we literally took forever to decide what we wanted to order.

P.S. I'm a Northie gal (proud of it too!) and rarely dine out anywhere South of the River, but Don Tapa's relax atmosphere and friendly service has prompted me to explore Freo and its surrounding even more so now. Can't wait!

Don Tapa Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Holiday Withdrawals

I have a serious case of Holiday Withdrawals! They are so real because I am experiencing it right now! This occurrence happened each and every time I come back from any oversea trips.

MOST of us went on holiday with the perspective that the longer we stay away, the easier it grows to believe that somehow, in our absence, the unpleasantness that made us want to escape our daily life have disappeared. 

Travel has always been a priority for me. I'd rather spend time and money on any adventure than anything else. Wanderlust is in my soul. I never feel more alive than when I am breathing in the morning air of the so call "temporary home" for the next couple of weeks or so!

I recently went on a 24 days holiday to Vietnam for a family (and friends) reunion... or rather, a trip to "eat my heart out" more like it because I literally 'Eat Sleep Repeat' every single day while I was in Vietnam Smiley

Yes I had an amazing time catching up with some long lost relatives that I have not seen for 28 years and in particularly one person I have not seen for 30-something years! But while that was all good then, dragging myself out of bed the last 2 weeks since I got back was harder than I could imagine!

And how did I come up with the term holiday withdrawals? It is because...

I have cravings for Vietnamese food constantly and not just any random Vietnamese dishes either; it has to be the home-cooked kinds like the one I made for dinner the other day!
Bánh Khọt (Mini Sizzling Pancakes)
I miss hopping on/off an Uber or Grab Taxi whenever I want to go out and boy were they the best method of transport ever and so cheap too!!!

When I see holiday pics while scrolling through my holiday album and cry a little.
My 7th aunty & uncle's orchard in Bến Tre
When I am in dire need of a cà phê sửa đá Smiley Aussie's Cold Brew or Iced Coffee is just not the same!

When I eat the last of the food gifts my family gave to me! These 'melt in your mouth' Bánh Đậu Xanh are so addictive. Each time I unwrapped one of these little delight, it literally feel like Christmas all over again!
Bánh Đậu Xanh (Mung Bean Biscuits)
When I create a countdown to the next foodie event(s) and start brainstorming my next holiday destination!

If all else failed, I could just look at getting my hands on doing some of these DIYs That Make Great Gifts for Travellers to get over my withdrawals! Wish me luck!!!