Thursday, October 6, 2016

Slate Café

We attended a VIP Family & Friends Launch Party at Slate Café last Sunday. Slate Café is a sister business to La Belle Peau in North Perth, which is co-owned by a family of 6 coffee snobs as they called themselves ツ

Slate Café located at the corner of Dulwich Street & Marshall Road, one of three main entrances to Whiteman Park. The café offers a Modern Australian cuisine with a choice of 4 Vietnamese dishes (in the Yellow Fever section) and a Kid's Menu.

There are hardly any dog café in Perth I know of, that has an enclosed dog area with nice coffee or a good selection of food. They either have one or the other but not both! Well.. Much to our delights, Slate Café has it all - Enclosed dog playground, indoor/outdoor children playground and an amazing choice of food and coffees as well!

The best part is the café is only 10 minutes away from our house! I think we can make a weekly weekend visit here for coffee, food and doggy play dates etc
Indoor/outdoor Dining Area
Children Playground
For brunch hubby ordered the Wagyu Ph which consisted of Wagyu beef, rice noodles, beansprouts and mints served with steaming beef broth ($16).

While I ordered the Bò Kho which was a Vietnamese Beef Stew slow cooked over 24 hour in a fragrant tomato broth with carrots and daikon and served hot with Thai basil and usually a Vietnamese roll, but they didn't have any on the day ($17).

Hubby and I also ordered coffees. Hubby has the Soy Cap while I had the Skinny Flat White.

All of Slate Café food is of Instagram quality, just to show you how much they care about the quality of their food, as well as the presentation. While their coffees range from $4 or more, their food however were priced at under $20 per dish - Well priced if I may say so myself!

Slate Café is a casual and laid back café that welcomes anybody and everybody. They provide great food, great service and not at all pretentious (which is a good thing!); I look forward to returning here often!

Disclaimer: Nini Foodielicious would like to thank Slate Café for the complimentary meal at their café. While the meal was sponsored; all opinions on this post are Nini Foodielicious' own.