Moeor one overdrive Murasame - deformed Ver.- MOE-OK-MRSM-2M knob Murasame ooljkc3908-Gitarren- & Bass-Zubehörüber

Amptweaker Fat Metal Pro Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal with SideTrak
Durham Electronics Sex Drive Guitar PedalGraph Tech Ghost Acousti-Phonic Hexpander Complete Guitar Piezo Preamp Kit 0680Bigsby B7-G Vibramate V7-G All Gold Vibrato Kit Tremolo (Gibson Les Paul)

Walrus Audio Monument Harmonic Tap Tremolo Guitar Effect Pedal
BEETRONICS FX Royal Jelly Overdrive Fuzz Blender Guitar Pedal
German Spruce Acoustic/Classical Top - G6 - Master Grade Soundboard for Luthier
Grover Tuners Pat Pend 1950's
Caroline Guitar Company Kilobyte Delay Pedal - Brand New - Official DealerEarthQuaker Devices Afterneath V2 Reverb Otherworldly Ambient Reverberator PedalItalia wah, gagan-V846 mod to get real filmcan 60s tone freq & body mod versionPeavey PV231EQ Dual 31 Band Graphic EqualizerTC Electronic Stereo Chorus + Pitch Modulator & Flanger
Catalinbread Echorec Multi-Tap Echo Guitar Effects Pedal
Published in 1975 Gibson Instrument Counter Catalog - very nice
Keeley Monterey Workstation Guitar Pedal Multi-Effect and 12 Multi-Graphic Desig

Die Highlights der Koblenz Open 2019

Old Blood Noise Endeavors Dweller Phase Repeater - Official DealerKeeley Electronics Delay Workstation pedal - free US shippingDigitech Multiplay PDS 2020 - Mars Volta style pedal
Union Tube & Transistor Snap Treble Booster

Diago PB04 Tourman Professional Guitar Effects Pedalboard - Brand New
ZVEX USA Vexter Series Fuzz Factory Fuzz Guitar Effects Pedal
Carl Martin Headroom Spring Reverb Pedal Used Eventide ModFactor Modulation Guitar Pedal
Electro-Harmonix Superego Plus Synth Motor Multi-Effekt PedalUSED JHS PEDALS DOUBLE BARREL V3 DUAL OVERDRIVE EFFECTS PEDAL w/ FREE US S&HShROT Master Marshall Overdrive Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal Used F/S JapanDigital Music GCX Ground Control Guitar Audio Switcher Used by Papa Roach 33273ZVex Hand Painted Tremolo Probe Proximity Pedal B069
Strymon OB.1 Optical Compressor & Clean Boost Pedal (Tatty Box)
US-20 A / B GK Unit Selector Foot Switch for GK Systems (Tatty Box) Z8D4961
DigiTech Whammy DT Classic Pitch Shifting / Drop and Raised Tuning Effect PedalUnion Tube & Transistor EverMOREMXR M287 Sub Octave Bass Fuzz Pedal
Maxon RTO700 Real Tube Overdrive Pedal, Neu in Box Maxon Authorized Dealer

Fender Vintage Silencioso Cargado Strat Golpeador TBX Medio Boost Todo de Edad
Maxon Analog Verzögerung pro AD-9 Effektpedal, Brandneu, Authorized Dealer

Doppelsieger der Koblenz Open 2019

Used Heavy Duty Modern Flight Case for Taylor Concert CE Acoustic Guitar CutawayKs Overdrive Mxr Mc402 BoostSoviet Electric guitar JOLANA ,Bas guitar USSR - 6 string - in working order3Leaf Audio Three leaf audio auto-wah Proton v3
Aguilar AG 4J-HC - Hum-Canceling Jazz Bass 4 Corde
Vox V846 HW - Hand WiROT
JHS Angry Charlie V3 Distortion
Xotic Effects BBP-MB Custom ShopBOSS-based overdrive BB-1X AC adapter includedJIM DUNLOP SW-95 / SLASH WAHADA Phaser Final Phase ADFP
EBS octa-based studio editions OCTABASS-SE

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Moen GEC9 with patch cables
Neu: Neuer, unbenutzter und unbeschädigter Artikel in nicht geöffneter Originalverpackung (soweit eine ... Mehr zum Thema Zustand
Brand: m.o.e. fxp
MPN: MOE-OK-MRSM-2M UPC: 4873216164912

ZOOM Multi- audio interface G2.1Nu
BOSS BC-1X from japan (7984
MESA / BOOGIE distortion THROTTLE BOX EQ from japan (8413
TAKKY DRIVE from japan (8527
Stiefel-LEG ADB-1.0 from japan (8238
[Expression / with EV-5BOSS / Boss PS-6 / Harmonist / Pitch ShifterELECTRO HARMONIX effector multi Canyon from japan (8107BOSS JB-2 Angry Driver (7315MI AUDIO Super Crunch Box V2 (5926Wampler Pedals Pinnacle Braun Sound Distortion (4269
Maxon CP9Pro + (Compressor / Limiter) (4993

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Leqtique 9 9 Distortion Type Effector From Japan
MXR overdrive EVH5150 from japan (8029
UNTITLED effector TUN DISTORTION from japan (8207
Darkglass Microtubes Vintage Deluxe v2
FRYETTE S.A.S. Real Tube Dischage (7445
Tech 21 Paul Landers PL1 Signature Fly Rig Guitar effects pedalKorg SDD-3000 Stereo Delay Pedal OVP + Netzteil + Bedienungsanleitung / wie NEUTwo Notes Torpedo C.A.B. Speaker-cabinet - Simulator/Stompbox style
Damage Control (Strymon) Time Line Tube Looper Delay Echo Processor

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Free The Tone PA-1QG Programmable Analog 10 Band EQ (For Guitar)

Vintage Ibanez Stereo Box ST-800 Script Logo pedal
Fishman Prefix Plus-T Narrow Format onboard Preamp
JIM DUNLOP JB-F3B FUZZ FACEZVEX Wah Probe Hand Painted Wah Guitar PedalZVEX Super Seek Wah Vexter Series Pedal
Lindy Fralin Caricato Precablati Strat Battipenna Split Lamella
BOSS MD-500 Modulation Guitar Pedal Effect FREE EMS
Boss MS-3 Multi Effects & Switcher Guitar Effects Pedal (Refurbished)
SviSound [es Vi Ai soundOverZoid oz02
Chase Bliss Tonal Recall : Delay Pedal : NEW :

Spielplan Mittwoch und Ergebnisse von Dienstag

Pigtronix Infinity Looper + Dunlop FFM1 Fuzz Face Mini Silicone Pedal Combo + ToDunlop BG95 Buddy Guy Signature Cry Baby WahLINE 6 BASS POD XT PRO w/ FBX LONG BOARD CUSTOM FOOT CONTROLLER WAH & VOLUME ETC

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Walrus Audio Wal Las audio compressor DEEP SIX